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M&A consulting is a difficult consultant sector. To succeed dealing in an M&A deal requires our long-term effort. In fact, M&A Times Co., is still pursuing, and has not completed any big deals yet.

Most of our consultation is completed with the advisory letter recommend our client should stop/suspending dealing because the buyer’s or seller’s company all does not meet the basic criteria required for M&A due diligence, and our client have found other suitable business opportunities.

The advice of rejecting M&A opportunities make us some certain difficulty, because it prevents our customers' desires. In one case of M&A a fashion brand, for example; we persuaded our customer not to take the deal because our customer did not have any design team and any have no experience in handling fashion inventory, meanwhile targeting business had to much inventory. Or, the another case in which our customers wanted to sell a large oil factory project but the acquisition partner had financially ambiguous and the signs of dishonesty.

The main difficulty is we needed to make deal diligence but we also needed to avoid the stressful atmosphere of the investigation to protect the two parties’s goodwill. If it was not possible, the M&A deal will turn out to be difficult to negotate. Supporting successful M&A deal with preservation of capital is our prerequisite, then to seek profit maximization.

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