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1. M&A Transaction Advisory

We help companies drive inclusive Vietnamese growth by focusing on their capital and transaction strategy through to execution to drive fast track value creation.

(1) Develop an on strategy

(2) Search for potential acquisition

(3) Begin acquisition planning

(4) Perform valuation analysis

(5) Negotiation

(6) M&A due diligence

(7) Purchase and sale contract

(8) Financing strategy for acquisition

(9) Closing and integration of the acquisition

2. Restructuring Advisory

We help you avoid future risk situations by helping you understand the causes of the company’s past shortfalls; Assessing your business short – term and long-term viability; Preparing short and long-term financial projections and cash flows; Developing operational tools and report; Searching for business partners and merger or acquisition opportunities

(1)Defining and implementing an overall strategic plan.

(2) Preparing a priority timeline for restructuring.

(3) Providing operations consultation at each stage of the restructuring.

(4) Providing consultation services addressing bankruptcy issues.

3. Valuation Advisory

We assist you with the price allocation during an acquisition or in understanding your overheads and profits. We work with you to identify the dynamic factors of the valuation of your business; to analyze past operational performances and forecast future financial results; to apply discount rates and multiples; to employ a systematic approach to test the accuracy and sensitivity of the business model.

4. Business Process Optimization Advisory

Assessing your operations and processes (eg. Finance, Procurement, Human Resources, Customer Services, Sales) to identify and schedule improvement areas that will make your organization more effective and efficient.

(1) Analyzing and finding improvement opportunities.

(2) Linking individual optimization activities to your operating model and the business strategy.

(3) Quantifying financial and strategic performance impact of improvement initiatives.

(4) Helping to design an organization that works for your environment.

(5) Developing an overall approach to manage change.

(6) Customizing financial project validation processes to help you achieving quantifiable project results.

5. Financial Advisory and Financial Risk Management Advisory

(1) Financial Advisory

We support you with Acquisitions-corporate acquisitions/ M&A and management led transaction such as management buy out (MBO); management buy in (MBI); And buy in management buy out (BIMBO); Disposal – Corporation divestment programmes, non-core business disposal (spin – off – carve – out) and retirement sales; Raising funds: Selecting the right type of funding (debt, equity or a mix, IPO) and developing an attractive proposition to potential funders.

Financial Risk Management Advisory

We will help you to develop your approach to assets/liability management and your allocation of assets; to manage and implement accounting regulations (Vietnames standards) to evaluate your financial activities; to identify and evaluate any company debts/liabilities.

6. Tax Advisory

- Tax ramifications of corporate and real estate transactions.

- Tax impact of income and deductions, contributions, major purchase, and investments.

- Tax credit reviews to determine maximum allowable credits.

- Trade and customs services – ensures compliance with trade laws and regulations while trying to avoid, reduce, or defer overall customs duties.

- Transfer pricing studies and evaluation, documentation, and modification of existing policies.

- VAT, income tax, tax returns

- Tax consequences of acquiring existing businesses and business assets.

7. Funding Advisory

(Debt funding, business expansion scheme funds, private equity and angel investors.)

We can assist you by project managing the funding process from start to finish alternatively providing expert advice in relation to certain aspects as required.

- Assessing your funding requirements.

- Assisting in developing a financial strategy.

- Business plan preparation/modeling/review for presentation to potential investors.

- Leading and project managing the funding/refinancing process.

- Leading and advising in relation to the negotiation of terms. 

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