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M&A Times Overview

M&A Times is a firm in which M&A professional consultants gathered. We focus on mid-range deals consulting with the critical knowledge about M&A.

The business / business entity is an integrated asset, including tangible assets (land, factories, machines, equipment, inventory products, etc.) and intangible assets (debt, repayment, tax, reputation, customer database, ...); Therefore, mergers & acquisitions is an investment method that requires comprehensive advice, complex combination of legal, financial and operational factors delivered. Driven from that, M&A Times provides a comprehensive M&A consulting solution - safe but speedy, understanding and consistent with customers' wishes, risk prevention but not missing opportunities of our Clients.

M&A Times offers a unique solution differentiate with other solely law firm or financial company. To M&A Times, M&A is life, onliest, intimacy, WE are M&A and M&A is US. By focusing only on M&A, we provide a comprehensive and in-depth solution to the Client, not only for analysis but also foreseeing the chance of winning and the probability of risk that the Client will encounter when venture into an investment projects. We do not complicate M&A, but having the mission to "simplify" M&A into real life with the specialized sectors that we offer to advice. We want M&A to professionally penetrate even into the smallest transactions up to the trillion value deal, as a solution, as a normal way of buying and selling suitable for all everyone - small traders at the market to foreign traders.

 Vision: Grow, get into the business niche as a friend, then become soulmate of millions of businesses within 5 years.  

 Mission: The world is not eternal. Therefore, we position our mission to link M&A with businesses as a necessary solution to enter and exit the market. To create a solution of breaking up or adopting smoothly and professionally.


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M&A Times Overview


M&A Times is a firm in which M&A professional consultants gathered. We focus on mid-range deals consulting with the critical knowledge...


(+84) 906994786